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Nuova Simonelli

OSCAR II (Red) | Nuova Simonelli

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Standard Features:
šŸ”¹Professional 58mm Portafilter
šŸ”¹2 liters boiler in copper
šŸ”¹Circulation interchange thermosiphonicin copper (HX)
šŸ”¹3 Liters water tank container for the automatic filling of the boiler
šŸ”¹Simultaneous brewing and steaming
šŸ”¹Programmable Single shot and Double Shot button
šŸ”¹ABS Cupholder able to entertain up to 12 cups
šŸ”¹Weight 13 Kg
šŸ”¹Width cm 30, Height cm 40, depth cm 40
NEW Features!
šŸ”“Steam wand COOL TOUCH swivel 360Ā° with steam tip 4 holes
šŸ”“Anti vacuum valve
šŸ”“Gigleurs to improve thermal stability
šŸ”“Over Pressure Valve (BYPASS adjusted at 9 bars)

Included accessories:
šŸ”øSingle wall baskets (1 shot and 2 shots)
šŸ”ø58mm Portafilter
šŸ”øTamping Tool (Plastic)
šŸ”øScoop spoon (Plastic)