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53mm 58mm Espresso Calibrated Pressure Force Tamper 30lbs Constant Pressure and Level Tamp Compatible with Breville Machines

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Experience the amazing flavour of a smooth and evenly graded tamp which is the key to the perfect espresso drink.

Evenly Pressed Powder 30-pound force, ensure an enough and Uniform pressure distribution.

- New upgrade design: This tamper has a new cover block that doesn't require much effort to get a flat and firm ground coffee. It is also easier for beginners to control, and there will be no mistakes.
- Material-safe and solid tamper: The entire coffee tamper is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which protects your health and makes it more secure to use. Such a high-quality tamper is very sturdy and durable.
- Sufficient Pressure: This 53mm coffee tamper comes with calibrated springs design for more precise strength. You only need to press the spring gently to get an even and firm coffee powder. There will be no more wasting your effort and no more failures due to uneven pressure.
- Better Tasting Espresso: For the perfectionist who wants a great espresso, you can simply use our tamper to create the best-flavoured espresso. It ensures that the ground coffee in your portafilter handle is thoroughly compacted for even and consistent pressure every time.