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Aluminium Single Dose Blower Hopper for Breville Machine, Low Retention, New Design

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- Upgrade your Breville Grinder to get results close to zero retention with this brand new Aluminium Coffee Grinder Bellow and Single Dose Hopper!
- With a clean and professional design, it blends well with your machine design without looking out of place. It is now upgraded with a full aluminium enclosure.
- For installation, simply orientate the guide pin into the grinder slot and twist the plastic base to lock it in place.
- Start your grinding, and end it off with a few pumps of the bellow to empty the grinder chamber. You will be surprised at the result!

- Full Aluminium Body Construction
- Rubber Bellow for Zero Retention
- Aluminium Lid
- Twist to install

👍Designed to fit:
- Breville Barista Pro
- Breville Barista Express
- Breville Barista Touch