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Bergeon 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion for watches

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Introducing the Bergeon 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion, a meticulously designed tool that combines functionality with innovation to provide unparalleled support for watchmakers and enthusiasts. This premium quality casing cushion is an essential addition to any watchmaking toolkit, offering a secure and protective base for working on watches with special shaped cases.

Key Features:

  • Soft, Gel-like Surface: The cushion features a soft, transparent surface that molds to the shape of the watch case, providing gentle yet firm support. This ensures that even the most uniquely shaped cases can be held securely without risk of damage.
  • Sticky Base for Superior Grip: The base of the cushion has a sticky quality that adheres firmly to the workbench, preventing any slippage during delicate operations. This amazing grip enhances stability and precision, allowing for meticulous work on valuable timepieces.
  • Optimal Size for Versatility: With a gel cushion size of 75mm and an overall height of 21mm (7/8"), this tool is perfectly sized to accommodate a wide range of watch cases, making it a versatile choice for professional and hobbyist use alike.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Despite the printing on the pad potentially sticking to the plastic package and peeling off—a normal occurrence that does not affect the tool's functionality—the Bergeon 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion is designed for durability and long-term use.

Why Choose the Bergeon 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion?

Bergeon, a brand synonymous with quality and precision in the watchmaking industry, has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing professionals with tools that meet the highest standards. The 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion is no exception, offering a blend of innovative design and practicality that ensures the safe handling of watches during repairs or adjustments.

Whether you're working on a vintage timepiece with a delicate case or a modern watch with a complex shape, this gel casing cushion provides the perfect support, protecting your valuable work from potential damage. Its sticky base ensures that your focus remains on the task at hand, without the distraction of a shifting work surface.

Elevate your watchmaking or repair projects with the Bergeon 5395-75 Gel Casing Cushion, and experience the confidence that comes from working with a tool designed for excellence.