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Breville Original Claro Swiss Water Filter for Espresso Machine, BES990 BES980, BES878, BES880, BES920

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Working in tandem with your compatible Breville coffee machine, the Breville Claro Swiss Water Filter helps improve the overall water quality of your favourite coffee and espresso creations.

Original Breville Claro Swiss Water Filter for the owners of the following Espresso Machines:

- the Oracle® Touch (BES990 - Batch 1747 & up)
- the Oracle® (BES980 - Batch 1751 & up)
- the Barista Pro™ (BES878)
- the Barista Touch™ (BES880)
- the Dual Boiler™ (BES920 - Batch 1801 & up)
- the Dynamic Duo™ (BEP920 - Batch 1801 & up)

Disclaimer: Please check your existing filter or machine batch code to ensure that the machine is compatible. Please check out the other model of filter in our store.