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Cafetto GC2 Grinder Cleaner, 100% Natural, Removes build-up of stale coffee

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Elevate your coffee experience with Cafetto® GC2 Grinder Cleaner, the natural and efficient solution for maintaining your coffee grinder's performance. This innovative cleaner ensures your grinder stays in pristine condition, delivering the freshest grind for your coffee.

Product Highlights:
  • 100% Natural Formula: Cafetto® GC2 is crafted from natural seeds without any binders or chemicals, ensuring a pure and safe cleaning process.
  • Machine Safety: Designed to pass through grinder burrs and blades smoothly, it prevents clogging and damage while removing stale coffee residue and odors.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: No need for disassembly; GC2 provides excellent results simply by running it through the grinder.
  • Enhanced Grinder Performance: Regular cleaning with GC2 not only removes buildup and odors but also improves grinder efficiency and extends burr life.
  • Burr-Friendly: With a hardness akin to a roasted coffee bean, GC2 cleans without causing harm to your grinder's burrs.
  • Certified Quality: Cafetto® GC2 meets high standards, ensuring it's safe and effective for a variety of coffee grinders.
  • Please Note: GC2 contains gluten and is not recommended for use in grinders serving individuals with gluten intolerance.
Simple Usage Instructions:
  • Pour one capful of Cafetto® GC2 into the hopper.
  • Activate the grinder to process all the cleaner through the system.
  • Clear out the dosing chamber and remove any remaining dust with a grinder brush.
  • To re-season the burrs, run a capful of coffee beans through the grinder following the cleaning process.
  • Choose Cafetto® GC2 Grinder Cleaner for a flawless grinding experience, ensuring every cup of coffee starts with the perfect grind.