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Cafetto Grinder Clean Box Set, 3 Sachet 25g, Improve flavour of coffee, Solution for a Clean and Flawless Grind

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Cafetto Grinder Clean is the perfect solution for coffee enthusiasts who demand a flawless cup every time. This product is specially formulated to remove coffee oils and residues that accumulate in your grinder's burrs, helping to ensure a consistent grind and prolong the life of your equipment. Cafetto Grinder Clean is easy to use and non-toxic, making it safe for you and your equipment. Regular use of Cafetto Grinder Clean will help to eliminate stale coffee flavors and keep your coffee tasting fresh and delicious. Try it today and experience the ultimate clean grind!

✅Benefits of cleaning your equipment
- Improve machine and equipment performance
- Increase the life span of the machine
- Increase machine reliability
- Reduce service downtime
- Improve flavour of coffee

✅Package Includes:
- 1 box of Cafetto Grinder Clean (3 Sachets of 25g)