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Espresso WDT Needle Distributor Tool with Stand

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Are you suffering from an uneven extraction, channelling or sour espresso? These are all signs of an unevenly distributed puck during puck preparation. Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) can help resolve these issues and is a popular puck preparation technique that is cost-effective.

Weiss Distribution Technique: Espresso WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool can help evenly distribute coffee powder in the portafilter to promote more even extractions and better espresso.

- Premium Material: This Espresso coffee stirrer is made of 8 x 0.4mm 304 stainless steel needles and an Aluminum Alloy handle, equipped with a stand. Compatible with all Espresso Coffee Machine portafilter filter baskets.
- How to Use: To use the Espresso WDT Tool, just gently rotate and stir on the portafilter filter basket to make the coffee powder distribute evenly and loosely to avoid agglomeration.
- Espresso Stirrer Stand: This Espresso stirrer stand is made of Aluminum Alloy. After finishing stirring your portafilter filter basket, effortlessly drop the WDT Tool into the stand to store it away for the next use. This stand can also collect the powder left on the needle after use to keep the table clean.
- Easy To Clean and After-sale Service: The Espresso coffee stirrer is very easy to clean, just rinse the needle with water and dry it.