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Eureka Costanza R Espresso Machine, PID Control, Rotary Pump

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Introducing the Eureka Costanza R Espresso Machine, where precision meets convenience to elevate your coffee ritual to new heights.


Designed for the discerning coffee enthusiast, the Costanza R offers unparalleled temperature control with PID technology, allowing you to select from three temperature levels tailored to your coffee and personal taste preferences. Whether you prefer a robust espresso or a smoother brew, the Costanza R ensures every cup is crafted to perfection.


Never miss a coffee moment with the weekly activation program, enabling you to schedule the machine's switch-on time throughout the week. This feature ensures your machine is always primed and ready, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistent performance day after day.


Monitoring your coffee consumption is effortless with the built-in dose counter, keeping track of the total number of shots pulled. Meanwhile, the shot timer provides precise control over extraction times, allowing you to achieve optimal flavor extraction with every brew.


Reduce your environmental footprint without compromising on performance with the Eco mode, which conserves energy while maintaining the machine's readiness through efficient heat retention technology.


At the heart of the Costanza R is a state-of-the-art rotary pump, ensuring a whisper-quiet coffee break that won't disturb your tranquil moments. The machine's sleek design and user-friendly interface, complete with a PID-controlled display, offer a customizable experience that brings the café atmosphere directly to your kitchen.


Crafted with the highest quality materials and precision engineering, the Costanza R promises durability and reliability for years of exceptional espresso enjoyment. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned barista, the Costanza R delivers professional-grade espresso with every extraction, making your coffee experience truly exceptional.


Elevate your mornings and elevate your evenings with the Eureka Costanza R Espresso Machine—an essential companion for those who appreciate the artistry of coffee.