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Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder Black White 16CR, Single Dose Blow Up, 55mm Flat Hardened Steel Burrs, 310 Watt Motor

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The Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose is a bit overkill for you? Well then the Mignon Zero might well be the perfect choice. The Mignon Zero takes all the features we love about the iconic Mignon Specialità and adapts them for single dose grinding. The new 45gram single dose blow up hopper allows for close to zero retention and the new all purpose portafilter fork will offer you maximum flexibility as it has been designed to hold both the dosing cup, which is included as standard with the Zero, as well as allowing to grind directly in your portafilter, should you prefer. It also comes with stepless micrometric regulation system (patented by Eureka), with larger knob and vertical measurement scale for a greater ease of use.

- "Silent Technology" reducing the grinding noise by over 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders.
- “Zero Package”: Mignon Single Dose Hopper, Mignon Single Dose Blow Up Cleaning e Dosing Cup included.
- Adjustable All-in-One fork, perfectly compatible with both Eureka Dosing Cup and portafilter.
- ON/OFF activation, easy to activate, without keeping on pressing the button.

🛑Note: This machine is imported. Voltage is compatible with SG voltage. Safety Mark adapter will be provided.