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Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder, for Pourover Coffee

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Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder: Revolutionizing Your Coffee Experience


  • Gen 2 Brew Burrs: Experience the refined grinding capabilities of the new Gen 2 Brew Burrs. Designed for exceptional precision, these burrs cater to a broad range of brewing methods, from fine pour-overs to coarse cold brews, excluding espresso.
  • Mess-Free Design: Enjoy a cleaner coffee-making process. The grinder features new anti-static technology, reducing grind mess and ensuring a tidier brewing area.
  • Auto Stop Functionality: With its smart technology, the Ode Gen 2 detects the end of the grinding process and shuts off automatically, adding convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Quiet Grind: Brew your morning coffee without disturbing the peace. The Ode Gen 2 operates quietly, making it perfect for early mornings or shared spaces.

Key Features:

  • New Gen 2 Brew Burrs: These burrs grind more finely and precisely, suitable for every brew method except espresso.
  • Enhanced Anti-Static Technology: Reduces grind mess significantly.
  • Expanded 100-gram Capacity: Ideal for batch brews.
  • Redesigned Load Bin: Ensures smoother bean feeding.
  • 31 Grind Settings: Accommodates a wide range of preferences and brewing methods.
  • Magnetic Catch: With easy pour fins for added convenience.
  • Grinds Knocker: Minimizes grind retention.
  • Compact Footprint: Perfect for any kitchen size.

Distinctive Features:

  • Precision Grind Quality: Achieve consistent particle size with the easy-to-adjust 31 step settings.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed with high-quality materials to minimize noise.
  • Single Dose Loading: Grind just what you need with a 100 gram capacity.
  • Smart Speed PID Motor: Ensures consistent force and speed for even grinding.
  • Auto Stop: Shuts off automatically when grinding is complete.

Incorporating these innovative features, the Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder is not just a kitchen appliance, but a statement of your commitment to excellent coffee. Whether you're a connoisseur or just starting your coffee journey, the Ode Gen 2 is poised to elevate your brewing experience.