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Haveston Coaster Set of 4

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The Haveston Watch Coster Selection is a limited collection of historical horologically inspired caoster designs.

SET - A:
01-A: GG-W-113 / MIL-W-46374 Dial Coaster - 1967
Issued during the Vietnam war, the GG-W-113 was one of the US Governments longest running specifications. It was equipped with a highly legible 12 hour outer and 24 hour inner positions, tritium luminous markers and a 15 jewel hacking movement.
02-A: California Dial Coaster - 1934
Featuring a unique half Roman and half Arabic numeral design, the California dial provides quick and decipherable legibility and can be found in several iconic dive watches from the early 1930s. Examples are often applied with radium luminous paint.
03-A: A-11 / FSSC 88-W-800 Dial Coaster- 1942
Known to many as the “watch which won the war”, the hacking A-11 was issued in large numbers during WWII to branches including the USAAF and RAF. Although the majority were non-lumed, select numbers had radium luminous pips applied for Naval and other roles.
04-A: Flieger B-Uhr Type-B Dial Coaster - 1938
The B-Uren was the development of leading German and Swiss watchmakers of the 1930s and is most well known for its role as an Axis aviation navigational aid. With a formidable 55mm case width presence, it features a unique inner hour sector and outer minutes positions and was radium lumed.

SET - B:
05-B: MK.X WWW / Dirty Dozen Dial Coaster - 1945
Commissioned by the British MoD, the MK.X gained the “Dirty Dozen” nick name from the 12 manufacturers tasked with producing them. Featuring a 6 o’clock sub dial and radium lume markers, it replaced the white dialled ATP predecessor and is marked with the Pheon military arrow icon.
06-B: Mil-W-50717 Type-1 Dial Coaster - 1961
A highly distinctive dive dial design, notably with an absence of numbers and instead a triangle 12, and rectangles for each 3, 6 and 9 hour positions. Equipped with tritium luminous paint at each marker, its case featured an asymmetrical profile which served as an integrated crown protector.
07-B: Trench Dial Coaster - 1918
Trench watches were the first mass adoption of wrist worn military time pieces and can often be found with angular gothic style numerals. Radium paint did not adhere well to the enamel dial surfaces, so indentations were made to anchor the lume, with a double upper dot to aid orientation in complete darkness.
08-B: MK.XI / 6B-346 Coaster - 1949
Commissioned by the British MoD under strict specifications, the MKXI was issued to the RAF and several other Air forces and applications. Equipped with a hacking function and its distinctive triangle and baton markers, it continued to be manufactured into the early 80s.