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IMS Competition Shower FIlter for Espresso Machine, Precision Shower Screen, E61, Breville, Gaggia, Lelit, Rocket, La Marzocco

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Shower Screen / Filter Compatibility guide:

MA – Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer

E61 – Faema, SANREMO, Kees van der Westen, Wega, VBM, Expobar, Bezzera, BFC, Bianchi, Brasilia, D.I.D. L’Orchestrale, ECM, Fiorenzato, Grimac, Iberital, La Nuova Era, La Scala, Quality Espresso, Rocket, Royal first, SV – SAB, VFA, Bellezza, Lelit.

RA – Rancilio, Promac

SI – Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Mavam

SR – Nuova Simonelli, Rancilio

CI – La Cimbali, Astoria, Elektra, Brasilia, Breville/Sage (The Oracle)

GA – Gaggia

SM – La San Marco, Astoria and Wega with small group

SP – La Spaziale

PA – La Pavoni

BV – Breville/Sage, Solis

Upgrade your espresso machine with the IMS Competition Shower Screen, available in multiple model options: GA200IM, BV200IM, CI200IM, MA200IM, and E61200IM. Designed for optimal water dispersion and extraction, this high-performance shower screen enhances the quality and consistency of your espresso shots.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the IMS Competition Shower Screen ensures even water distribution across the coffee grounds, resulting in improved extraction and flavor extraction. Its innovative design helps eliminate channeling and enhances the extraction uniformity for a more balanced and delicious espresso.

Choose the model that fits your machine and experience the difference in your coffee brewing. Whether you have a Gaggia, Breville, E61 group head, or other compatible espresso machines, the IMS Competition Shower Screen is engineered to provide exceptional performance and longevity.

Made from top-quality materials, this shower screen is durable and built to withstand the rigors of daily espresso brewing. Upgrade your espresso machine's capabilities and unlock the true potential of your coffee beans with the IMS Competition Shower Screen. Elevate your coffee experience and enjoy consistent, high-quality espresso shots every time.