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Watch and Puck

Knockbox Jumbo Size - espresso barista use, bin for espresso powder, grind waste bin, knock box, easy cleaning

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This sturdy and large-capacity knock box will be a perfect addition to your espresso machine. It's easy to clean. You can remove the knock bar, dump your pucks away and wash under the sink.

- Knockbox Material: Made of ABS plastic material, durable and sturdy. Anti-slip design at the bottom, more stable when knocking.
- Knock bar Material: Made of metal, covered in rubber. The rubber design has a very good buffering performance. It can reduce the noise and protect your espresso portafilter. The removable design makes it easy to clean.
- Unique Design and Size: The deep bay design is able to hold a large volume of coffee grinds. Coffee grinds do not splash out of the knock box.
- Large volume: This knock box is big enough to hold a decent amount of coffee pucks and the size is perfect for storing next to your espresso machines on the counter. Suitable for all 49mm 51mm 54mm 58mm espresso portafilters.
- Versatile: This knock box can be used at home and office. And the large capacity is perfect for the commercial espresso machine, so it can be widely used in cafes, canteen, restaurants, bars and more.