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NEW Gaggia Classic EVO Espresso Machine

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Experience the true essence of Italian espresso with the Gaggia New Classic Evo Espresso Machine. Designed and made in Italy, this espresso machine is a guarantee of premium quality and a never-ending passion for espresso making.

The chromed brass group and filter holder are designed to guarantee optimal coffee temperature throughout the entire brewing process, resulting in an improved in-cup quality. Plus, the 3-ways solenoid valve ensures a constant control on water pressure inside the filter-holder, making removal and cleaning easier.

With a professional steam wand featuring two holes, you can create the best milk froth for gorgeous cappuccinos at the comfort of your home. The new intuitive interface with dedicated indicator lights for on/off, espresso and steam offers total control of the functions.

The Gaggia Classic Evo comes with 3 filters, suitable for all levels of expertise from beginners to pro, for ground coffee or coffee pods. Additionally, the stainless steel cup plate for 5 cups keeps them always ready to use.

The renovated stainless steel bodywork shape makes the water level visible, the new drip tray improves stability, and the iconic filter-holder bears the signature Gaggia “G”.

Finally, the 15 bar pump ensures the perfect pressure to make an Italian espresso with a layer of authentic “crema naturale”. Upgrade your home barista experience with the Gaggia New Classic Evo Espresso Machine.


Interface  New Rocker Buttons + Indicator Lights
Professional Stainless steel Filter-Holder  ✔
Hot Water/Steam Dispenser  Professional Stainless Steel Steam Wand
Cup Plate  ✔
Solenoid Valve  ✔