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Normcore 54mm 58mm Magnetic Dosing Funnel

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The Normcore dosing funnel is designed to reduce spillage and waste of ground coffee. Equipped with 6 special magnetic bases, it comes in handy for adhesion to the portafilter for a better and smooth dosing process.

It is made of aluminium which undergoes hard anodization treatment with food certification.

- Suitable for 54mm / 58mm Portafilters: Designed to work with most 54mm /58mm portafilter baskets.
- Minimal wastage when dosing process: Facilitates your grinds into your portafilter accurately and without a mess.
- Sits Steadily: This funnel has 6 minor magnet points providing fast and stable installation.
- Weiss Distribution Technique: works perfectly with WDT to break up clumps in your grinds while preventing spilling.
- For All Coffee Lovers: suitable for an experienced barista or new home users.

- Materials: Anodized Aluminum
- Width: Fits 54mm portafilters
- Weight: 23 g
- Product Height: 15 mm
- Outer Ring: 68 mm
- Inner Ring: 53 mm

✅Package Includes:
1 x Normcore Magnetic Dosing Funnel

Watch & Puck is an authorised distributor of Normcore products. All Normcore products come with a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.