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Normcore Espresso Tamping Mat with Corner Edge, Food-grade Silicone, Large Tamp Space, Anti-Slip Rubber

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Protect your countertops in style with this Normcore Espresso Tamping Mat. Made from durable food-grade silicone rubber. Designed with a 90-degree corner edge, besides preventing damage to both countertop and tamper, the mat aids your smooth tamping procedure and prevents movement of the portafilter. It is an essential piece of equipment to pair with any espresso machine, ideal for the busy cafe or home barista use.


High-quality Food-grade Silicone - totally odorless with no plastic smell.

Comfortable Tamping - Designed to hold the portafilter securely for maximum comfort and precision when you tamp.

Large Tamp Space - The mat is large enough to fit both your portafilter and tamper keeping your tamper nicely in place.

Silicone Protection - Protects your counter from your heavy tamper. Corner design lets you tampon the edge of the table and counter.

Anti-Slip Rubber - Keeps the portafilter from sliding around while tamping. The overhangs part is designed enough not to obscure doors or drawers that may be underneath.


Color: Black

Material: Food-grade Silicone

Dimensions: L 230mm x H 40mm x W 150mm


1- Espresso Tamping Mat