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Normcore Handleless Milk Pitcher, 450ml, 600ml, round and sharp spout option, Teflon finish, 1mm thickness premium stainless steel

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This handleless milk pitcher is one of the products that Normcore has spent the longest time developing and you’re sure to love it! Seemingly simple, it has actually undergone several adjustments and improvements, from the tip design to the texture of the silicone sleeve.

To make the perfect latte, flat white or cappuccino, the microfoam (the frothed milk) needs to be just right.

The handleless milk frother cup stainless steel ensures that you have full control and precision over every
pour and can make the perfect latte. Easily control the amount of milk in your latte with the precision spout and enjoy great-tasting milk.

Make your coffee shop experience at home with a milk pitcher that allows precise latte art and easy frothing. The handleless milk pitcher’s wide spout helps balance the steam wand, while an exposed metal base at the bottom of this froth cup allows for testing heat. Safely make your lattes with ease!

This is the perfect milk pitcher for the at-home barista who knows the difference. Our handless milk pitcher was designed with advice from professional baristas to give you the ultimate latte-making experience. Featuring a silicone heat-resistant grip, this handleless pitcher is easy to hold on to and control as you pour.

1mm thickness premium stainless steel and a Teflon finish protect your hand from steaming milk and make this a high-quality tool. Durable stainless steel and a silicone grip combine to make the pitcher feel secure and balanced in your hand. This premium pitcher s perfect for both professional and home baristas, and even great for office or commercial kitchen environments.

Available in two sizes, this milk pitcher will meet all of your needs. Purchase the perfect espresso accessory and be on your way to enjoying the perfect latte!

• Heat-resistant silicone grip

• Teflon finish for a premium quality

• 1mm thickness premium stainless steel

• Pitcher feels secure and balanced in the hand

• Material: Stainless Steel with double-coated Teflon for extra durability and to prevent scratches

• Capacity: 450ml / 15.2 oz

• Weight: 215g

• Dimensions: W 7.8 x D 8.3 x H 10.8cm