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Normcore Palm Tamper (Adjustable pressure)

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Even with the finest coffee and freshest grind, the wrong tamp can result in a disappointing cup. Whether it's because of channeling or an uneven leveling of the final tamp, poor water distribution will dramatically alter the flavor of the final brew.


With the new Normcore Palm Tamper, such events will be a thing of the past. The innovative tool has a self-calibrating mechanism within the device, so every tamp will stay consistent when you palm down all the way - no guesswork needed. Normcore's version also brings a market first - a customisable pressure setting.


With a simple twist, you can pick from one of the 5 settings available, delivering your preferred pressure to every tamp. This eliminates the tedious process of training your strength, and wasting multiple cups. Trust your tamp at every palm and enjoy consistent, delicious cups from day one.

The set includes:
1 - Coffee Palm Tamper 
1 - Tamper Stand
1 - Transparent Filter Basket