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Normcore Puckscreen, 53.3mm 58.5mm width, 1.7mm thickness, 316 stainless steel, puck screen stand

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The Normcore Puck Screen is a new and exciting tool that we've been using recently. This will help to prevent channelling and ensure a more even and balanced extraction with your machine.

- Perfect Addition to Espresso Brewing: Improve water distribution and eliminate channelling.
- Keeps Brew Head Clean: Protects the brew head from grounds being sucked up when Lever is lifted.
- Easy Rinse to Clean: Easily flushed out under the tap to remove any grounds from within.

- Diameter: 53.3mm
- Material: 316 Stainless Steel mesh
- Filtration Mesh Size: 1.7mm thick
- Filtration Mesh Size: 150μm

💚Care Instructions:
- Wash thoroughly with water after use.
- Clean with Cafiza or a blast from the steam wand if the product is stained.

✅53.3mm Puckscreen Includes:
1 x Normcore 53.3mm Puck Screen, 1.7mm thickness 

✅58.5mm Puckscreen Includes:
1 x Normcore 58.5mm Puck Screen, 1.7mm thickness

✅Puckscreen Stand Includes:
1 x Puckscreen Stand (Compatible with 53.3mm and 58.5mm)

✅53.3mm Combo Includes:
1 x Normcore 53.3mm Puck Screen, 1.7mm thickness
1 x Normcore 53.3mm Puck Screen, 1.0mm thickness
1 x Puckscreen Stand

✅58.5mm Combo Includes:
1 x Normcore 58.5mm Puck Screen, 1.7mm thickness
1 x Normcore 58.5mm Puck Screen, 1.0mm thickness
1 x Puckscreen Stand

Watch & Puck is an authorised distributor of Normcore products. All Normcore products come with a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.