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Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux Espresso Machine, Commercial Grade Steam Wand, 3L Tank

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Musica is a professional coffee machine, extremely simple to use even for non-expert coffee lovers. The incorporated technologies allow optimal coffee extraction and create a great cup of cappuccino.

The dispensing group is thermally controlled and equipped with a pre-infusion system that allows the extraction of all the coffee’s distinctive substances. The water temperature remains constant thanks to

the efficient heat exchanger. The boiler is insulated, guaranteeing energy saving and high steam capacity to froth milk. Through the visible pressure gauge, the user can check the boiler’s pressure.

The hot water wand, equipped with a programmable volumetric dosing system, allows the user to prepare many infusions in few seconds. The portafilter is professional and ergonomic, just like the practical steam slide lever.

Key Features

  • Professional Performance: Designed for optimal coffee extraction, the Musica Lux ensures every cup is brewed to perfection, be it a robust espresso or a creamy cappuccino.
  • Thermal Control: The dispensing group is thermally controlled, equipped with a pre-infusion system that extracts the full flavor profile of your coffee beans.
  • Consistent Temperature: Thanks to the efficient heat exchanger and insulated boiler, water temperature remains constant, ensuring consistent brewing every time.
  • High Steam Capacity: The insulated boiler not only guarantees energy savings but also provides a high steam capacity, perfect for frothing milk to your desired consistency.
  • Programmable Hot Water Wand: Prepare multiple infusions in seconds with the hot water wand, equipped with a programmable volumetric dosing system.
  • Ergonomic Design: The professional and ergonomic portafilter, combined with the practical steam slide lever, ensures ease of use and a comfortable brewing experience.
  • Pressure Gauge: Keep an eye on the boiler's pressure with the visible pressure gauge, allowing for precise brewing.
  • Tank Version: Designed for flexibility, this version comes with a tank, making it suitable for various settings.


  • Body material: Stainless steel
  • Colors: Led
  • Boiler: Total capacity 2lt
  • Programmable boiler temperature: Included
  • Boiler Safety valve: Included
  • Boiler No-vacuum valve: Included
  • Boiler Automatic water filling: Included
  • Group Thermocompensated :Included
  • Group Electronic pre-infusion: Included
  • Discharge tank capacity: 1lt
  • Steam wand switable 360°: Included
  • Hot water wand: Included
  • Programmable hot water dosing: Included
  • Maximum power: 1200W
  • Weight Net: 20 Kg
  • Water tank capacity: 3lt