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Polywatch Glass Polish Repair Kit, Remove Scratches, Restores Clarity for watches, Watch Glass Scratch Remover

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Polywatch Glass Polish is a powerful and effective solution for restoring the clarity of your glass surfaces. This high-quality glass polish is specially formulated to remove scratches, abrasions, and other imperfections from your glass surfaces, leaving them looking like new.

Polywatch Glass Polish is ideal for use on a variety of glass surfaces, including watch crystals, camera lenses, phone screens, and even car windshields. Its unique formula is gentle yet effective, making it safe to use on even the most delicate glass surfaces.

⭐How to use:
Refer to the video in listing
1) Step 1 - removing the scratches with REPAIR 1
2) Step 2 - polishing on high gloss with FINISH 2
- Professional results thanks to the "Diamond-Polishing-Technology" (DPT)
- Easy and effective application
- Repair instead of replacing
- For approx. 30 to 40 applications.

- High performance diamond polish
- Removes fine, light and medium fine scratches from watch glasses

✅Box Contains:
- 1 x repair no. 1 0.5 g
- 1 x finish no. 2 0.5 g
- 1x polishing bar
- 2 x 6 polishes strips