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Rocket Espresso

Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder, Commercial Grade, 65mm Flat Burr with Display Touch

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Introducing the Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder, a beacon of commercial quality and precision tailored for the home espresso enthusiast. The Fausto combines the robustness and precision that professional baristas demand, all within a compact design that fits seamlessly into your home coffee station.

Elevated Grinding Performance:

At the heart of the Fausto grinder are commercial-quality 65 mm flat burrs, offering quick and precise grinding. The stepless micrometric grind setting system is intuitive and allows for unparalleled control over the grind size, ensuring that every espresso shot you pull is tailored to your taste.

Advanced Digital Interface:

The Fausto is equipped with a 2.8” digital touch screen, inherited from the SUPER FAUSTO, enhancing user interaction with features such as a shot counter and adjustable brightness. This improved interface, coupled with programmable dual control buttons, makes for quick adjustments and effortless portion control, streamlining your coffee preparation process.

Quiet Operation:

Designed with noise-sensitive environments in mind, the Fausto operates quietly, making it ideal for early mornings or late nights in the home kitchen. This feature ensures that your coffee routine can proceed without disruption, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

Sleek Aesthetic Choices:

Available in polished silver or matte black finishes, the Fausto grinder is not just a tool but a statement piece. Its elegant design complements any espresso machine, enhancing the overall look of your coffee station.

Fausto Features at a Glance:

  • On-Demand Grinding: Freshly grind what you need, when you need it, for maximum flavor and aroma.
  • Portion Control: Three automatic portions and manual continuous grinding options cater to any brewing requirement.
  • Patented Technology: Features a patented stepless micrometric grind setting system and an anti-clump & electrostaticity system, ensuring a consistent and fluffy grind every time.
  • Capacity and Speed: A 540 g bean container paired with a grinding capacity of 2.7 g to 3.7 g per second means you're always ready to brew.
  • Powerful Motor: A 500 W motor powers the grinder, ensuring efficiency and durability.
  • Dimensions and Build: Measuring 172 x 282 x 445 mm (width x depth x height) and weighing 10 kg, the Fausto's compact size belies its powerful performance. Constructed from die-cast aluminium, the grinder's bodywork is as robust as it is elegant.

The Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder is the perfect companion for any coffee lover looking to bring professional-grade grinding into their home. With its blend of precision, control, and quiet operation, it sets a new standard for home espresso grinding.