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Timemore C3 Coffee Suitcase with Scale and Electric Kettle, C3 Grinder, 4 glasses, Gift box set

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Elevate your coffee experience wherever you go with the Timemore Coffee Suitcase C3. This meticulously curated set brings together Timemore's finest brewing tools, ensuring that you have everything you need to craft the perfect cup, all housed in a sleek and durable hard suitcase.


Key Features:

  • Premium Hard Suitcase: Designed for the coffee enthusiast on the move, this robust suitcase is lined with foam interiors, ensuring each piece of your brewing kit remains secure and protected.
  • Timemore C3 Black Hand Coffee Grinder: Experience precision grinding with this hand grinder, known for its consistency and reliability.
  • Timemore Glass Funnel with Metal Base: Crafted for precision pouring, this funnel ensures a smooth flow for your brew.
  • 360ml Glass Coffee Pot: Perfectly sized for your morning brew, this pot is designed for both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Timemore Heat-Controlled Electric Kettle: With its sleek black design, this 800ml kettle gives you precise temperature control for the perfect brew.
  • Timemore Basic Plus Electronic Scale: Measure your coffee beans with accuracy using this user-friendly electronic scale.
  • Chuiwen Coffee Cups: Enjoy your brew in these elegant 50ml coffee cups, perfect for tasting and sharing.
  • Essential Accessories: The kit also includes a coffee grinder cleaning brush for easy maintenance, a C3 grinder cloth bag for added protection, and 50 Timemore 01 filter paper sheets to get you started on your brewing journey. ​