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Timemore C3 / C3S / C3 Pro /C3S Pro / S3 Grinder for Pourover V60 coffee brewing 2023 Latest Generation

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Choosing the perfect model from the wide variety available might seem confusing at first. However, worry not, as we are here to guide you through the process.

In general, the Timemore C3 line of hand grinders all feature the high-performing S2C 660 burr. The grind quality remains consistent across the models, except for the ESP (espresso) line, which offers a finer dial for precise grind adjustments needed for dialing in espresso shots. All models come equipped with the patented S2C stainless steel 660 burrs.

Let's break down the Model Numbers:

C3 - Base model
[ S ] - Full metal body
[ Pro ] - Foldable arm
[ ESP ] - Designed for espresso, also suitable for pour-overs

Now, let's dive into selecting the right model for you.

1. Determine whether you need to grind for espresso:

If yes, opt for the ESP line.
If not, choose between the C3 or C3S Line.

Both the C3 line and C3S line offer impressive performance at varying price points. The C3 line features a full metal outer body with polycarbonate support, making it a budget-friendly choice. The C3S, on the other hand, enhances the C3 by replacing the support with a full metal one.

2. Consider whether you need a travel-friendly grinder:

If yes, go for the Pro model with the foldable arm.

And that's it! With an array of variants and colors available, we are confident you'll discover the perfect fit for you.

Watch and Puck is an authorized distributor of Timemore products. All Timemore products come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.