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Timemore Chestnut X Lite Premium Hand Grinder S2C860 Stainless Steel Burr Barista Pour-Over Drip V60 Hand Brewed

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- Chestnut X lite: New released TIMEMORE Chestnut X lite manual coffee grinder maintains the original sturdy aluminium alloy body with harder and durable SUS440 high-carbon stainless steel burr, hardness up to 58.5~60.5 HRC, rust-resistant and wear-resistant. Its max capacity is around 30g. Dual bearings central shaft ensure spinning smoothly with high centricity.
- Original secondary adjustment: The 23-click point-to-point structure allows you to adjust the coarseness precisely. It would be a little tight at the first use.
- S2C Burrs: The patented and pioneering "Spike to Cut" burr. Spike coffee beans firstly and keep silver skin in large sheets. So you can have a cleaner taste. Fast cutting and less grinding also reduce fine powder effectively. Its performance is comparable to the first-line electric grinders. What's more, the upgradedburr produces a more consistent uniform particle size of ground coffee.
- Aluminum Alloy Body: The design of the unibody is made of one-piece space aluminium alloy cut by CNC. Easy-to-hold Ergonomics design, as well as the silicone bottom, have increased the comfort of use.
- Convenient to Carry and Store: Weighs 601grams and easily detachable handle and lid, this grinder is not only suitable for home but also for travelling or camping.

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