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Breville Original Single Wall 1 Cup (54mm) Basket Compatible with Barista Pro, Express, Bambino, Touch

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Breville Original Single Wall 1 Cup Shots (54mm)
This is the single wall variant, also know as the non-pressurised basket.
Model: SP0001518

✅Works with:
- the Barista Touch (BES880)
- the Barista Pro (BES878)
- the Barista Express (BES870)
- the Barista Express Impress (BES876)
- the Dual Tamp Pro (BES810)
- the Infuser (BES840)
- the Bambino Plus (BES500)
- the Bambino (BES450)

Pressurised vs Non-Pressurised Baskets
- Pressurised Baskets (sometimes referred to as double wall baskets) consist of a standard mesh base followed by another 'wall' which has generally one small hole in which the extraction is forced through. This creates a greater level of pressure within the basket when brewing occurs. This is mainly used with pre-ground coffee as the size of the grind cannot be controlled.
- Non-pressurised baskets are the original style of basket used when brewing espresso. The difference here is that they do not contain the second wall, there is nothing else creating pressure when you brew your coffee other than the grind of the coffee and how hard you compress it when tamping. The pressure created can be adjusted by controlling the grind size.