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Eureka Pura R Espresso Machine, Rotary Pump, E61 Group Head

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Introducing the Eureka Pura R Espresso Machine, where sophistication meets simplicity for the ultimate coffee experience.


Embrace tranquility during your coffee break with the Pura R, featuring a state-of-the-art rotary pump that ensures whisper-quiet operation, preserving the calm of your surroundings.


From the moment you unbox, the Pura R delights with its effortless setup—just plug in and enjoy. With total manual control over steam, water, and coffee extraction, you'll feel empowered to craft beverages like a seasoned barista.


Safety and comfort are paramount with the Pura R's cool-touch technology, ensuring both the steam and water wands remain safe to handle throughout use. The removable 2-liter water tank, equipped with convenient flaps, simplifies refills, while the capacious 1-liter drip tray offers ample space for continuous brewing without the hassle of frequent emptying.


Designed around the renowned E61 Group for unparalleled coffee quality, the Pura R boasts a meticulously crafted stainless steel body with a 100% metal base, guaranteeing stability and durability for years to come. Its premium stainless steel boiler ensures consistent performance, while an empty tank sensor alerts you when it's time to refill, ensuring uninterrupted brewing pleasure.


Experience the joy of professional-grade espresso at home with the Pura R's heat exchanger technology, delivering rapid warm-up times of just 12-15 minutes—perfect for those eager morning brews. Whether you're new to espresso making or a seasoned aficionado, the Pura R promises to elevate your coffee ritual with every cup.


Quiet, efficient, and exquisitely crafted, the Eureka Pura R Espresso Machine is your gateway to the perfect coffee break, combining innovation with simplicity for a truly exceptional brewing experience.