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Haveston General Service Nylon Watch Strap, 20mm 22mm, ballistic nylon, bead blasted Zulu steel buckle, signature keeper

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Constructed of traditional ballistic nylon, the Gen. Service Straps feature a captive (no spring bar) bead-blasted Zulu steel buckle for greater water resistance, pad-reinforced hole settings for extra durability, floating fabric secondary keeper for easy tail stowage and retention, and unique subdued designation markings.

Available as dual sets comprising 4 solid military base tones:
- Set A: Black staple and an Admiralty-based Grey.
- Set B: Olive Drab and Khaki, both classic field tones.

A re-engineered one-piece strap layout outfitted with our signature secondary floating keeper, which allows the spare tail to be stowed without the need for folding back (unless desired), and repositioned 7 o’clock buckle to deliver greater comfort and enhanced aesthetics. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous refinement, just like our "A2" (Alteration 2) straps the Gen. Service straps are equipped with a single-pass layout for a streamlined wearing profile and reduced "off-wrist" height while retaining the security of a one-piece layout to protect against springbar failure. 

For watches with a limited springbar to case clearance, install bars over the strap, and/ or consider the use of curved bars. Do not force the strap through, as this may deteriorate the strap, bars and case. 

As common with general nylon woven webbing, if fraying wear occurs, carefully remove any excess using a sharp pair of scissors if needed, and reseal/ recauterize with a heat source.

We recommend to hand wash and air dry to clean. Machine washing is possible, but may expedite wear.
Designation markings may fade with use or repeated abrasion during installations, especially if case/ bar clearance is tight.

- Size: 20mm/22mm
- Length (Not Incl. Buckle): 270mm
- Thickness: 1.3mm
- Wearer Fit: 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75"
- Material: Traditional Ballistic Nylon
- Hardware: Zulu Steel Type, Bead Blasted
- Layout: Single Pass, Floating 2nd Keeper